Back in high school,when I began to realize that maybe one day I could actually write and not be half bad, I wrote this poem.┬áIt’s not much, but I think it’s a nice throwback since this was written around 2007.

When writing my history
You will always be a footnote
A distant memory
A warning sign of mistakes that I have made
The ones that I’ll learn from.

This poem is the best of me
Taking pills for solemn motives
A better side of me, with an open mind
For mistakes I’ve made
The kind that you burn from

So take these small confessions as my price to pay
I’ve never been the kind to let go
But before you get up and walk away
One thing I must say,
I’m miserable without you baby

It’s getting harder to breathe
Because all these memories of you
were warning signs of regression
The kind that i’ll never learn from.