Sorry But Not Sorry

Sometimes all we have left are words.

Words that can cheer you up, bring you down, teach you a lesson, or even make you angry. You work your whole life to build this persona of neatness but you forget that some people can just bring all that down in a matter of seconds. 

Sometimes in life all you need is a good “Leave me alone” moment. You know, those moments in life where you just rather sit in your room, and watch some TV rather than being out with people, or when you decide to go see a movie alone because you want to see it. (let’s be honest though, is it REALLY that weird when you go alone? When you go with people you don’t even talk to them anyways, so what’s the big deal about going alone?)

Some people try so hard to be “helpful” that sometimes what they do is the complete opposite. sometimes good intentions end up being bad decisions and you can’t help but wonder “why”.

Honestly, does it really matter what some people think about you? Does it make your life better or worse if people care? In the end, isn’t all that matters how you view yourself? If you like you who are and what you’ve become, does it really matter what others have to say?

Some will say that the approval of people makes them realize if they’ve made the right decision. 

Do you think LeBron regrets his decision to come to Miami? Even though the rest of the country HATED him for it, he knew deep down he had made the right decision and in the end, all those haters turned into admires (that’s all haters are anyways… confused admirers).

What was the point of that? simple. People nowadays care too much about what other people think, and care too little about what they themselves think. 

If we let the whole world dictate our lives, won’t that just make us pushovers?


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