Just Friends

What’s wrong with that? Why is it that when a guy asks a girl to hang out they always assume we want to date them? Seriously, that’s the most arrogant way of thinking I’ve ever seen.

Not every single one of you girls out there are dateable, stop acting like every guy that says “hi” to you wants to get inside your pants…

Sometimes, guys just want to have friends that so happen to be girls. Look, I know that my gender has a track record for being complete douches when it comes to the friends thing, but not all of us are they same… (I’m sure you’ve heard that before too).

I honestly don’t see what’s wrong with a guy and a girl being friends.

Sometimes the girl is the one that makes the huge deal over the whole thing. They think if a guy and a girl hang out it automatically means they are on date, well newsflash ladies, unless it’s said prior to the event and the guy pays, it’s not a date.

Ladies, if a guy says something like “Hey, want to hang out tonight or something?”, you don’t have to automatically say “no”. If it’s just hanging out, like bowling, mini-golfing or having food, there should not be anything wrong with that. Be worried if he asks you to “hang out” and asks if you want to see a movie… that’s sketchy territory.

If you just flat out don’t like the guy, then use my band-aide theory, and just straight up tell him you don’t want to hang out because you don’t like him. It will hurt at first, but it will all be okay in the end.

Fellas, stop being dicks. Stop taking advantage of girls who like you as friends. Stop inviting them to “see a movie”. How the hell are you hanging out with her if you’re inside a dark theater for two hours, and can’t talk. That’s not hanging out, that’s a date.

So as I was saying, there’s nothing wrong with hanging out with the opposite sex. Do you agree, or disagree? Let me know below.



One thought on “Just Friends

  1. I totally agree with you. I myself have a friend like that. But the difference is that we both like each other. It has been that way since we first met as kids. So we know how the other feels. In my case I told her that if going out with her meant costing my friendship with her, then I would rather ONLY be friends. So anyways, I try to hangout with her by doing stuff with other friends. Simple stuff, like lets go to the park and play b-ball or hangout like we used to when we were kids. To just simply satisfy the urge to be around people other than your family. To go out and have a life. Plus it’s not like I ever ask that it be just me and her. I ALWAYS tell her to bring other friends. I did every single time WE made plans. But it’s like you said, she just assumes I wanna try to put “the moves” on her. When in reality I made it clear that I don’t. It really, REALLY irritates the hell out of me. I don’t think there is anything wrong with hanging out with the opposite sex at ALL. If there’s anything I’ve learned in life is the you should never assume anything, because all the does is make an “ass” out of “u” and “me”. You never even know. That one time a girl says no, she could have had the best time enjoying another’s company.

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