You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Dear Mr. Loria,

I’ve waited a few days to even write this letter because I thought the anger and feeling of betrayal I felt would go away, I was wrong.

I don’t think you realize you are the most hated man in South Florida at the moment, maybe you do but couldn’t care less.

How arrogant can you be? As you walked out of your hotel room in Chicago during the Owners Meeting the morning after the trade, you simply looked at the reporters and said “not today boys, if you haven’t figured it out by now I won’t help you figure it out.”

How pathetic was that? Who do you think you are? How dare you treat people the way you do?

Despite winning the 2012 Gold Glove, Mark Buehrle has been shippe to the Toronto Blue Jays

Because of your greed and arrogance, baseball in South Florida has lost.

I’ve seen some of my all-time favorite players leave, not because they wanted to but because you wanted them to. Players like Carlos Delgado, Juan Pierre, Luis Castillo, Gary Sheffield, Josh Beckett, Miguel Cabrera, Cody Ross, and now, Jose Reyes, and Mark Buehrle.

For years, your explanation for getting rid of these players was you had no money and that we would see what you had planned if you got your retractable-roof ballpark. You would use the money you get from increased revenue and invest them on high-profile players.

Well Mr. Loria, you got your $600-million 80-percent-publicly-funded ballpark  and for about seven months you had fooled us into thinking you had changed.

You went out and got three of the best free agents available in Jose Reyes, Heath Bell, and Mark Buehrle. There was hope in Miami once again that we would finally be able to have a baseball team we can relate to. But, as you know the team under-preformed, and the fans were not coming as you had hoped, and so what did you do? You blew up the team… Here’s a list of the player you let go this year alone:

  • 3B Hanley Ramirez
  • RP Randy Choate
  • RP Edward Mujica
  • 1B Gaby Sanchez
  • SP Anibal Sanchez
  • 2B Omar Infante
  • RP Heath Bell
  • SS Jose Reyes
  • SP Josh Johnson
  • SP Mark Buehrle
  • C John Buck
  • CF Emilio Bonifacio

Since July, you have dumped over $236 million in future salaries. How did you do it? Simple. You backloaded their contracts so you didn’t have to pay a large sum of money upfront and you did not offer no-trade clauses.

Mr. Loria, you have butchered your payroll from $118 million to about $30 million in salary commitments in 2013. That’s about a $110 million in profits next year, thanks to your fancy ballpark we are paying for.

Jose Reyes is still owed $96 Million from his 6 year $100 Million deal he signed last winter.

What’s sad about this whole situation is the fact we didn’t see it coming. We were promised change; we had hoped this era of Marlins baseball was going to be different. We have our own park so the excuse of salary-dumping to cut costs wouldn’t work anymore… But you did it anyways.

Mr. Loria, you turned your seven-month-old, $600-million 80-percent-publicly-funded park into a toxic dump where no sane player will choose to play as long as you and the present management has its hands on the throats of the team.

Looking at your past track-record (especially with the Montreal Expos), looks like you gave Miami two plans…

  • Plan A: We buy stars, we draw fans and everybody wins.
  • Plan B: We back-load contracts, see how many fans we draw, if the crowds aren’t good enough (they weren’t) or the team stinks, we’ll dump you all and to hell with everybody. Now hand over that fat revenue-sharing check.

Gee, I wonder which one you took.

You know how the saying goes, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me”. This is the last time I will be fooled by you and your people.

David Sampson went on the Dan LeBatard show on Wednesday and pretty much blamed us the fans for why you guys did this. He kept saying that because the Marlins lost 93 games, it was time for a change.

Oh really? If losing 93 games is the reason you did this, why wasn’t there a change in 2007 and 2011 when we lost 91 and 90 games respectively?

You and your regime are oblivious to what the fans want. Yes, winning is great, but we want players we can associate ourselves with. We want players that we can grow up with, people like Alonzo Mourning, Dan Marino and Dwyane Wade who are not only great athletes but are part of the fabric of Miami sports.

I can go on, and on about how betrayed, heartbroken, and hurt I am, but at the end of the day, you don’t give a damn. You’re laughing your way to the bank with all the money you stole from loyal fans like myself who bought jerseys, hats, tickets, and food at your ballpark and shamefully fell for this whole “New Marlins” ponzi scheme.

Mr. Loria, it’s obvious you have no idea what sports is about, you’re an owner who betrayed your fans, deceived your players and has lost credibility for as long as you stay in the game.

Sports is about three things: Loyalty, love and family. Three of the things that I have never seen from the Marlins organization. There is no loyalty to the fanbase or to players, there is no love for the city (just for the money), and unlike the Miami Heat organization that preaches they are all family, your organization preaches the complete opposite, all the players at your clubhouse are complete  strangers.

With all this being said, have fun with your empty stadium that will only attract tourists and fans of the opposite team.



One thought on “You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

  1. Holy crapola!! This was super intense! As a VERY loyal Marlins fan, I too tried to see the management perspective of the extreme trading going on. But Loria and his team of misfits seems to believe that Baseball is like Basketball. Miami Heat put an expensive team together and are THE BEST. Baseball is a team effort and is nothing like basketball. You don’t need all stars to win, as we have proved in the past, you need team work and friendship. It is what keeps a team together and happy. The Marlins lose because they NEVER have a FULL stadium cheering for them. I went to countless games last season and was disgusted to see so many people cheering for the opposite team no matter what team it was. The face of the Marlins changes almost every season. Now, all the money spent on memorabilia, shirts and jersey’s were all a waste of money. Like I mentioned, I am a hardcore fan and even with the mess it will be hard to keep me away from the stadium but since all fans are not like me, it will probably be empty next season.

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