The Republican Party 2.0

It’s no surprise that the Republican party needs a makeover. The once proud party of Lincoln now faces a pretty difficult rise back to prominence.

What is it that has the party of some of the greatest presidents The United States ever had in such a slump? Is it arrogance, refusal to change, or the refusal to admit some of their views are so to the right that not even some members of their own party agree with them anymore?

According to CNN, 60% of voters (ages 18-29), 55% of women, and 71% of the Latino voters all voted for the President in the 2012 election. If you are a member of the Republican party right now, these numbers should scare you deeply for the simple reason that if you never get these votes, the Democratic party will be in power at the white house for a very long time.

Look, I’m not saying for the republicans to cast aside their views and morals. All I’m saying is they need to rethink some things and get some new blood in that party.

The problem here is simple, really. Back in the day, America had morals, we knew abortion was wrong because you are killing a baby, we knew marriage was between a man and a woman; we knew God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

But times have changed, like it or not.

Look, I’m not saying the Republican Party has to be pro-choice, and believe in gay marriage. But, maybe they should be pro-life except in the case of incest, rape and health of the mother.

They should be against gay marriage, but should be for a domestic partnership in which both partners are protected by law so in the case of one of them dying, the other isn’t screwed over.

Another stumbling block for the Republican Party has been the whole “Illegal immigration” issue.

They believe all illegals need to leave America, even if you came here as a 2 year old baby. They believe America is full of Americans… but, unless if you are a Native American, we are all immigrants in this nation.

Republicans pride themselves in being “The Party of Lincoln” well; I hope they know Lincoln freed the slaves. Republicans speak of how Ronald Reagan was the greatest president in the history of The United States, well I hope they know that Reagan granted all illegal immigrants amnesty. 

Former President George W. Bush tried to pass a bill that would help illegal immigrants but his party quickly shot it down.

Why doesn’t the Republican Party support a bill like the DREAM Act, a bill that would grant the children of the illegal immigrants a pathway to citizenship? A bill that states if you were brought to the United States before the age of 15 by your parents, who were illegal, you should not be punished for their wrongs. A bill that would not give these illegal immigrants citizenship, but would rather make these illegal immigrants earn their citizenship though going to school or serving in the Armed Forces of The United States of America.

Republicans are considered cold because of basically these three points. They should work on it.

We all need to understand this nation is growing, diversifying and getting stronger. The Republican Party has some great leadership that is still behind the scenes of people like John McCain, Mitt Romney and others. Great leaders like Marco Rubio, and Jeb Bush should be the future of the party.

As Governor of Florida, Bush was popular among Cubans (winning 80 percent of the Cuban vote in 2002) and popular among non-Cuban Hispanics (56 percent in 2002, equaling the 56 percent he won statewide). Also in his re-election in 2002, Bush surprised critics by winning the white female vote in the swing-voting battleground of Central Florida’s I-4 corridor.

Rubio on the other hand would be to America in 2016 what Obama was in 2008. A young, fresh-faced minority. Rubio’s parents were Cubans who had immigrated to the United States in 1956 and were naturalized as U.S. citizens in 1975.

Rubio was elected at the age of 28 to the Florida House of Representatives, representing Miami in Florida’s 111th House District. He defeated Democrat Anastasia M. Garcia 72%-28% in a January 2000 special election.

In November 2000, he won re-election unopposed. In 2002, he won re-election to a second full term unopposed. In 2004, he won re-election to a third full term with 66% of the vote. In 2006, he won re-election to a fourth full term unopposed.

On May 5, 2009, Rubio announced on his website that he planned to run for the United States Senate seat. Then, On November 2, 2010, Rubio won the general election with 48.9 percent of the vote, former Florida Governor, Charlie Crist received 29.7% as a member of the independent party, and Democrat Kendrick Meek won 20.1% of the votes.

Are we seeing a new breed of Republicans on the horizon? Will Marco Rubio be to the Republican Party what Barack Obama was to the Democratic Party? I Firmly believe so. The Republicans need someone like Rubio to lead them back into the White House.

To me, a  Rubio/Bush ticket would seem the most logical answer for the Republicans in the 2016 election. They would get the Latino vote since both Rubio and Bush are loved by them, the women vote, and of course the youth vote. Young people will be able to relate to the young, charismatic, and well-spoken Marco Rubio.

But, none of this will matter if the Republican Party don’t rethink their strong conservative viewpoints on social issues, which as we know, will be crucial moving forward.


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