The Power of a Bumper Sticker…

I got this as a “Letters to the Editor” this week and I thought it was fantastic…



Dear Editor:
I attended at a political rally for the Romney campaign recently and I bought my first Romney campaign bumper sticker. It actually says Romney Believe in America and even though I support Governor Romney, I am afraid to place it on my car.
Thinking that I was being a bit too paranoid, I asked some other Romney supporters and they agreed with me; displaying a Romney bumper sticker was just too dangerous.
Maybe this is the reason why I have seen so few Romney bumper stickers displayed, not only in this hotly contested swing state where I live, but also in other swing states where I have recently traveled.
Which leads me to the question: “What has happened to our nation when voters are afraid to display their political preferences with something as traditional as a bumper sticker?”
Personally, I am concerned that my car will be “keyed” along the sides or some other damage inflicted on the vehicle.
What a sad commentary this is about political discourse in 2012.

What do you think? Has something like this happened to you?

Leave your comments below.


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