When Harry Met Sally?

Can something like that movie “When Harry Met Sally” really happen in real-life?

Tell me if I misunderstood the movie, but basically Harry and Sally were friends. They enjoyed eachothers company, they talked on the phone for hours, they went out and all that. Then in the end, they end up getting in a relationship….

Which bears the question, can a “When Harry Met Sally” scenario really happen in real life?

Can a guy and a girl simply be friends or do they have to be more than that because of the sex thing? I don’t know, if I did, I would let all of you know. But basically that’s my question… I’ve been wondering about that lately and I think that those type of scenarios are the best.

Think about it, who better to be in a relationship with than your best friend? You know what they are like, they know how you are like and so on. I think the purest and long lasting relationships, at the core, are always the ones that you date your best friend.

Why rush things right? Let them play out and see how it goes. But it’s just something to think about…. Can a “when Harry met Sally” type of thing really happen in real-life?

Until next time, stay classy my friends,



2 thoughts on “When Harry Met Sally?

  1. I think being friends first, then be in a relationship later is the best scenario. My parents were friends first for a long time, now, they’re best friends. They have to be.

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