The Greatest Equalizer

I believe in the power of sports.

I believe that a sport has the power to bring worlds together. I believe it has the power to stop war for a certain amount of time (Like it did in the 2006 World Cup). I believe that it brings complete strangers together to one Stadium for one common goal: Cheer your team on. No matter who you are, sports is the greatest of equalizers.

Whether you are rich or poor, black or white, yellow or brown, sports brings you together. Once you step foot in a stadium, it doesn’t matter if you are big-shot doctor or if you are a janitor, we are all equal with one common goal, cheer on your team.

The pure joy of a kid in his first baseball game, the raw emotion of an adult when their team makes an amazing play are what makes me believe in the power of sports.

When I was just eight years old, my dad took me to my first ever soccer game. Soccer in Brazil is a very big deal; people take it as seriously as their mid-afternoon naps.

So there I was, an eight year old kid going to one of the biggest soccer fields in the world, it holds over 103,000 people, to emphasize how big that is, the newest stadium in the NFL, Cowboys Stadium, holds only 80,000 people and that’s the largest stadium in the NFL.

I get to the game, and my dad tells me that he had a surprise for me. He told me that I was going to go on the field with the team to take the team picture with them. So there I was, an eight year old boy, in the tunnel with my idols that I only would see on TV. I was in the front, and I couldn’t hear anything the people were saying because the stadium was packed. Remember I told you it holds over 103,000 people? Yeah well, it felt more like 130,000 since they were crammed in there. Since I couldn’t hear anything, I just ran up the tunnel without knowing what I was doing. When I come out, I hear the crowd roar like I’ve never heard before. They went nuts, they set fireworks off and all that jazz. In Brazil, that’s very common. Then that day was when I came in realization with my belief that a sport brings people and worlds together.

After I went to my seat, people actually came up to me and were telling me how awesome it was that I did that and how cool it must have been. Complete strangers were acting like my best friends, they didn’t’ care who I was, all they knew was that I was a fan and that my ultimate goal was to cheer my team on. All your worries seem to disappear when you step in a stadium or Arena. You don’t worry about the bills you need to pay, you don’t worry about the dog that has to be walked. All you worry about is winning that crucial game in the playoffs. You let yourself go with all the emotions that you hold in during the week.

Nothing compares to sports. Whether it’s a buzzer beater in the NBA Finals, an 11th inning grand slam in the World Series, or a last second touchdown pass in the Super Bowl, sports bring everyone together, the great equalizer, young and old, rich and poor. That’s why I love and always will love sports.


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