The wonders of math….

So yeah, one of those subjects in school I never really grasped in my life is math.. I mean c’mon now, When I’m I going to need to know how to simplify and find the cubed-root of a radical then multiply it by its reciprocal?.. You get the point, I mean I’m the kind of person that if in a test was asked to “find X” I would circle said X and say: “here it is”.. I don’t joke, that’s how pointless I think math is.

For what I’m wanting to do with my life, I won’t need anything past the stupid third grade addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and even for that I have my handy-dandy calculator with me. I mean c’mon now, I know the basic mathematical skills and as a writer, I don’t need that other junk. I think the person who invented math was thinking about a new way to punish people and he said: “Hey, i have a brilliant idea! no only are we going to have the basic adding and subtraction. But let’s throw in solving rationals, and mixed numbers and EVEN imaginary numbers!”.

Please, don’t even get me started with that imaginary number crap. since when does a number become an “i”?! So like, 4i is a number!? Negative, that’s a letter, and last time I checked this was MATH not ENGLISH. Who cares about the imaginary numbers? Are we really going to one day in sports use that little “i” as a stat? I can see it now: “Dude, did you see Dwyane Wade last night? he had 40i  points!” uh, no. What would that even mean? He had the Square root of negative 40 points? That stuff is pointless and the only people that are going to do that are the engineers and accountants (aka people that sit and calculate crap all day).

Can you imagine Rick Reilly doing calculations before he began one of his amazing columns? I can’t. I think school should be made for you. If you suck at math, like myself, you should be allowed to only take those silly math classes that teach you how to add and subtract. If you excel in writing, you should take classes about creative writing and English.

Math should not be a mandatory class past the basics. I mean, sure the brainiacs that want to take Matrix Theory (no not like the movie) are welcomed to do that but for me that’s like shooting me in the head. Yes, just like writing could be like that to those math brainiacs..

Moral of the story, math is pointless. All I need is the basics so I can do my basketball stats and I’m good…

What do you think?


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