200 Word Sentence!

Okay so my enc 1102 teacher gave us an assignment.. Write a 200 word sentence… Can it be done? well, i think so! i wrote it and there was 219 words! yeah son! Yes, i feel accomplished! Boom goes the dynamite! so without further ado, here it is!

“In the spring of 2003, the Miami Heat selected Dwyane Wade with the fifth pick in the NBA draft, ever since that day he has been nothing short of amazing; Wade, a 7-time all-star, Olympian, NBA champion, NBA Finals MVP, and NBA Scoring champion, has risen to the top of the basketball world, but has also been to the ground thanks to an NBA season in which he saw his team meltdown and only win fifteen games; yet, none of this depressed Wade, on the contrary, it made him stronger and made him want to prove all the doubters wrong – and did he ever – in the 2008-2009 season Wade led not only the Miami Heat but the NBA in points per game, a feat that has never happened in Miami Heat history; Wade then led the Heat to the playoffs as the fourth seed, again, another feat that had not happened in over 20 years, never had a team that had only won 15 game the previous season make the playoffs the next, that was just unheard of before – until Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat that is – Wade not only made his team believe that they could become a better team, but he inspired the entire city of Miami into believing and once again cheering for their hometown team.”

don’t laugh!! tell me what you think!


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