Kris Allen Album Review

American Idol winner Kris Allen released his self-titled album on November 17, 2009. Allen, a mixture of pop rock and alternative rock did a pretty solid job for a “post American Idol” debut album.  Allen did a great job in mixing it up with slow and up-beat songs. The only single to come from the album was “Live Like We Are Dying”, a song originally by an Irish band called The Script, Allen re-mastered the song and made it new, fresh, and exciting. The song got many positive reviews from many of the most prestigious critics.

One of Allen’s best songs of the album has to be “Can’t Stay Away”.  Kris Allen shows us he has “Swagger” as he ponders the advantages of going after a lady who he knows is going be all kinds of wrong. There’s a hint of Gavin DeGraw’s “I Don’t Want to Be” on the jangly guitar line. But in all, it’s a great song and it could have clearly been the album’s single.

Another song that draws interest in the album is “Alright With Me”, an exciting song that was written by Allen and Joe king from the band The Fray. One of the biggest disappointments of the album has to be the new version of the cover “Heartless”. During his American Idol run, Allen played an amazing acoustic version of the song that has officially become the original for many fans. Now, this new version has new techo beats in it, along with ”In the Air Tonight”-like drum fill and bass line that made it almost as bad as the original version made by Kanye West. The album also missed something that had become tradition between American Idol winners, the winning song. Yes, Allen did not put “No Boundaries” on the retail version of the Album.

In all, this album receives three stars out of five. Allen did a solid job, much better than any other “Idol Winners” before him, but I think the album lacked that authentic “Kris Allen” voice that we all grew accustomed to hearing on American Idol. But all-in-all, it was a solid debut album.


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