Is Life written in pencil or pen?

One can say our life is written in pen. You can’t erase it. Sure, you can put whiteout on it, but anyone who truly cares about you will notice it and try to take it off. You can’t just simply erase your past, although many people would love to. You can write over it or scratch it off, but that just ends up being messy and unattractive. You can’t just simply get the piece of paper and rip it up and throw it out. You see, that sheet of paper is you and if it’s throw out, you die. Nothing we do in life can be taken back. Once we have done or said something, it becomes permanent. There is no taking back.

So, if you can’t erase that past or start new, how do people change? Certainly life is written in pencil then.  You can erase the past.  Though it will always remains faintly visible.  The indentations in the page where you wrote, erased, brushed away, and wrote over.  They will live on no matter what you do.

Now, it’s up to you. What do you think Life is written in? Tell me in a comment bellow.


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