How good can the new season of House M.D be?

house-caduceus_lI became a fan of the Hit-TV show House M.D while I was recovering of my ACL Surgery I had back in March. I really hated it at first but I’ve grown found of the TV show.  The 2-hour season premiere is tomorrow at 8pm eastern time, and I’m thrilled for the season to start. “What happens when the doctor becomes the patient?” that’s the slogan for season six.

How freaking awesome can that be? If you don’t remember what happened in the season finale last season, House tried to get a detox for his Vicodin because it was giving him illusions of dead people. Cuddy stayed with him all night while the detox took place. Then, in a twist, House finished the detox but came right back to the drugs. freaked out, he tells Cuddy what happened and she takes him to the psychiatric asylum, and that my friends, is how the season ended. House entered the asylum.

Now, what can we expect this season? Well, for starters, for all I know, House is not going to leave the asylum, maybe he runs away? who knows.. I don’t. All I’m expecting from this season is more high action drama, more arrogance, more jerk-ness, and much more intense cases for House and his team to solve.

Some people are skeptical about this season. The main question is how will House do his thing inside a crazy asylum? Well, truth be told I’m not sure. I need to watch to find out. Tomorrow, you need to tune in to FOX and watch the season. My complete analysis of the season premier will come tomorrow night after the show or on Tuesday… Keep it here for all the crazy gossips and movie and music reviews…

Oh and By the way, those are real Snakes… They are Boas…


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